To showcase its commitment to clean and sustainable urban transportation alternatives, Frog Scooters hopped around various cities and events in Portugal during European Mobility Week showing locals and tourists alike what its heavy duty, commercial grade scooters are all about.

Running from September 16-22, European Mobility Week helped educate millions about different forms of clean mobility, take stock of current transport challenges, and make progress towards a more sustainable Europe. With the participation of nearly 3,000 towns and cities from about 50 countries, a variety of events promoted safe walking, cycling, and sustainable mobility. The week culminated with the well-known Car Free Day, when streets close for traffic and open for people for the day.

“Frog was delighted to highlight our deep commitment to sustainability and our support of improving public health and the quality of life though clean mobility,” said Pedro Guedes, Frog’s territory partner for Europe. “In our dialogues with local citizens as well as visitors to Portugal throughout the week, we saw firsthand the interest in practical, affordable solutions that can tackle urban transportation and pollution challenges. We look forward to furthering our efforts to educate everyone about the benefits of micro-mobility and how it can help make a true impact as a key player in the industry.”

Guedes and his team visited Belém, Guimarães, Lisbon, Oeiras, Restauradores and Saldanha with the mission to talk to potential Frog scooter riders about the first-mile/ last-mile solution to transportation challenges also about safety, local laws (not riding on the sidewalk, helmet use), and ensuring responsible riding best practices.

In addition to general education about the positive impact of micro-mobility, Frog’s team in Portugal gained more than 1,000 new riders during the week. The feedback about the scooters was very positive, including describing them as “robust,” “stable,” “heavy-duty” and “reliable,” according to Guedes.

frog employees promoting frog scooters
Frog Promoters getting ready for the day in Saldanha.

frog scooter employees helping at a frog scooters event
Frog promoters with a rider in Belem

Frog scooters passing out free ride passes
Passing out free ride passes in Restauradores.

Also during Mobility Week, Frog Portugal developed a new partnership with QPARK, a business center in Oeiras where company representatives visited during a mobility day event to explain the benefits of Frog as a micro-mobility solution.

Frog scooters customers testing out frog scooters
Employees at QPARK in Oeiras getting ready to take Frogs on a test ride.

Also in Oeiras, Frog participated in the City’s “Car Free Day” where no cars were allowed on a main road there for the day to allow residents to use alternative transportation methods, including Frog.

frog scooters event in Lisbon, Portugal
A day without cars in Oeiras to spotlight alternative clean transportation options.

In Lisbon, the Portuguese postal service, CTT, invited Frog to participate in its sustainability event where it held an event for its employees to test ride its scooters. This effort resulted in Frog forging a partnership with CTT to help them with transportation needs for their employees, of which it has more than 12,000.

frog scooters partnering with CTT in Lisbon, Portugal
CTT employees testing out their new transportation option thanks to its new partnership with Frog.

And to close out Mobility Week, Frog, participated in the “Green Week” initiative in Guimarães where it had the opportunity to present the shared micro-mobility model for the first time for the City’s consideration to bring this sustainable alternative to its residents.

residents of Guimarães testing frog scooters
Guimarães residents getting ready to test ride Frogs.

People in Guimarães riding frog scooters

“Frog’s participation across the country makes it abundantly clear that we bring a much-needed win-win solution to Europe. As an alternative to automobiles, we decrease air pollution while bringing efficiency to transportation,” said Guedes. “Plus, with local owner/operators and employees running Frog, we actually partner with local governments to help solve their top challenges and those who choose to ride our eco-friendly electric scooters support the local economy.”