Sustainably smart scooter offers swappable batteries and high-performance brake system

AUSTIN. November 20, 2019. Frog, the Austin, Texas-based global micro-mobility solutions company that operates e-scooter rentals in Europe and South America, unveiled a second-generation scooter in partnership with Si-emobility that will be part of Frog’s global fleet in early 2020.

The X10 was designed with the urban rider in mind delivering a better rider experience, increased safety and compliance and more operational efficiency, with a swappable battery that significantly reduces fleet management costs.

In April, Frog launched its X6 commercial grade scooters in Valdivia, Chile and Lisbon, Portugal. Less than a year later Frog is unveiling the X10, a second-generation commercial grade scooter, that well positions Frog to drive even greater unit economics with its custom hot swappable battery and efficient design. Since then, Frog has expanded to four additional cities in South America and will continue expansion in those two countries and will launch activity in Argentina, Mexico and Panama in the coming months.

Unlike the competition, Frog controls its fleets with its own fleet management services. Since  Frog’s local operations team ensures the safety, accessibility, and responsible deployment of scooters in their partner cities, its scooters are kept in optimum condition. Swappable batteries can be a critical way to increase scooter availability and overall scooter downtime spent by fleet teams retrieving and charging batteries.    

“Frog will continue to lead the innovation of more durable and robust scooters in order to meet today’s burgeoning rideshare demand and provide our riders with a safe, smooth, comfortable, and reliable ride,” said Christian Okonsky, Co-founder of Frog. “In addition, the heavy-duty construction and hot swappable batteries guarantees a much longer lifespan and local operational efficiency resulting in less waste and a greater path to profitability for our local territory partners.”    

The X10 boasts a variety of unique designs and features that set it apart from previous e-scooters and make servicing and maintaining the vehicle easier and more efficient. X10 highlights include:

  • · Hot swappable battery for increased charging efficiency and reduced fleet management costs.
  • · Dual compound 10-inch run-flat tires for added comfort and reduced maintenance.
  • · Regenerative, high-performance braking system for added safety.
  • · Anti-tipping center kickstand for reduced scooter falls and street obstruction.
  • · Frame constructed from durable recycled magnesium alloy lessens waste.
  • · Modularity for decreased shipping, storage costs and easy repairs.
  • · Upgraded dashboard with turn indicators, digital speedometer, indicator lights and high-visibility LED headlight.

About FrogTM: As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is on a mission to help communities Leap Forward toward a sustainable future by creating a higher standard for shared micro-mobility solutions. Formed in Austin, Texas by a team with vast experience in mobility solutions, the company is committed to providing communities around the world with high quality, reliable, turnkey, modes of transportation. Custom designed and manufactured specifically to meet today’s high demand rideshare use, Frogs offer a more durable, stable and reliable ride to help locals and visitors alike commute, run errands, visit friends, and explore cities in a fun, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly way. Learn more at