Transportation for a Healthier Planet

Environmental sustainability and positive societal impact are core considerations as we custom design, build, and deliver Frog micro-mobility transportation solutions to communities throughout the world.

Frog Scooters helps communities and their residents rethink modes of transportation


Frog improves public transportation accessibility by solving the first and last-mile problem where residents and visitors have limited means for connecting to public transit without walking or driving.


Frog Scooters reduce the number of vehicles on the road easing the burden of peak-hour commutes, traffic congestion, parking difficulties and travel time.


Frogs Scooters are available on demand and provide an affordable, highly scalable micro-mobility solution to complement your community’s existing transportation structure.

Carbon Neutral Commitment

As Frog aims to make a positive impact toward sustainability in the communities we serve, we must also consider the impact of our business operations. We will do this by forming partnerships with organizations that reduce environmental impact, by fostering sustainable economic development, and by promoting responsible business practices in our supply chain.

For example, we have partnered with and to offset the carbon emissions emitted from our global supply chain.

Frog is on a mission to shape the future of micro-mobility and to equip and encourage cities to Leap Forward toward a sustainable future.

Bring frog scooters to your city, campus, community.