To meet burgeoning rideshare demand, global company starts up in Austin, chooses Chile and Portugal as first countries to deploy its custom-built, commercial grade scooters

AUSTIN. April 9, 2019. To help reduce traffic congestion, solve parking problems, and tackle first- and last-mile transportation issues, Frog officially launches in Austin today, providing the first commercial-grade electric scooters to the market.

Founded by experts with vast experience in providing communities with sustainable transportation options, Frog is a vertically-integrated global mobility solutions company, meaning it is the only micro-mobility company that custom designs, manufactures, and manage its fleets of electric scooters.

“As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is dedicated to making a positive impact by providing environmentally-friendly, affordable, and reliable modes of transportation,” said Felipe Correa, chief operating officer and co-owner of Frog. “As an innovative industry disrupter with a best-in-class shared micro-mobility product created to meet today’s burgeoning rideshare demand, Frog empowers and encourages communities around the globe to rethink mobility so we can all Leap Forward™ toward a more connected, cleaner, and sustainable future.”

Hitting the streets today in test markets Lisbon, Portugal and Valdivia, Chile, Frogs are the most durable, heavy-duty rideshare scooter on the market. Frog will set itself apart from the competition with its owner/operator model as full-time territory managers in each country will form relationships with cities and municipalities to help with each community’s transportation needs. They will also manage their fleets of scooters with teams of employees, rather than relying on individuals who act as freelance “chargers.”

“All cities have transit networks with gaps and inconveniences such as getting to the train or metro, getting off a bus, or even having to park a car far from the intended destination; our fleets of Frogs bring a green, inexpensive, way to help fill those gaps,” said Correa. “With our local country managers at the helm who are passionate about making positive societal and environmental impacts, we are looking forward to learning from our initial launch markets then ramp up quickly to be on four continents by the end of 2019.”

Frogs are fun to ride, durable, intuitive, easy to use, and offer a differentiating experience from others because they have:

  • Triple locking handlebar system for increased stability,
  • 5 mm-thick aluminum alloy walls for added strength,
  • Heavy-duty bearing system for added turning control,
  • Commercial grade anti-slip deck for greater foot traction,
  • High-impact rear mudguard for water and debris protection, and
  • Concealed integrated cable management system for greater durability.

To use a Frog, riders simply download the iOS or Android mobile application to create an account, find a nearby Frog, and unlock a ride by scanning the QR code. Riders can track rides, access rider and safety manuals, report issues, and manage payment options, all from a mobile device. Frog makes safety a top priority by promoting educational messaging about the rules of the road, helmet use, and parking and riding etiquette.

By making its environmentally-friendly mode of commuting widely available around the globe, Frog’s vision is to help create a more connected, sustainable, and cleaner planet. To further ensure the company is doing its part for the environment and the communities it serves, Frog gives one percent of its net profits to sustainability-focused non-profits locally. And operationally, it partners with organizations that reduce environmental impact and it promotes environmentally-friendly business practices in its supply chain.