Launching in partnership with mayor in response to new transportation regulations, Frog’s micro-mobility sustainable solution will help tackle first-mile/last-mile transportation gaps

AUSTIN. July 15, 2019. As Frog leaps into its third month of operations, it announces that it has forged another partnership a major metropolitan area in Chile, this time with Rancagua and Machalí, located south of the country’s capital of Santiago.

As a way to promote sustainable micro-mobility, ​​Rancagua and Machalí will have a fleet of electric scooters starting today, which will allow its users to move around short stretches of the community. The company will initially deploy 200 scooters, gradually increasing the numbers based on demand.

“Adding scooters is part of our plan that we have worked on with our technical team, which also entailed adding low-speed non-vehicle lanes to the center of Rancagua,” said the Mayor of Rancagua, Eduardo Soto. “We are excited about the introduction of Frogs as they will make transportation more fun, resonate with young people, and, importantly, offer a non-polluting mode of transportation.”

To attract riders, Frog will be offering special promotional rides so area residents and visitors alike can try out the commercial grade, heavy duty, scooters with the goal of them becoming a daily transportation option.

“We are very happy to be the first company to reach regions with our micro-mobility solution, which are undoubtedly the most robust and stable scooters on the market,” said Frog’s Country Manager, Gastón Feijoo. “Our positive experience in Valdivia and Concepción has helped us continue to learn and grow and we look forward to serving Rancagua and Machali so Frog users can enjoy more quality time with their loved ones, since they will be able to reach the places they want faster.”

The announcement of the arrival of Frog to the area was announced at a press event at the beginning of the month, which was attended by mayor Soto who said, “In addition, the resources obtained to initiate the connectivity of Millán to the west, a cycle path will also go from Millán to the train station. This is very important to be able to get to the station in cycles and thus complement the trips on the train.”

Frog is committed to launching educational campaigns on use and safety, working in partnership with city officials in Rancagua, which is one of the most important and populated metropolitan areas of the south central zone in Chile. The company plans to continue expanding in Chile working with its local territory managers and teams to care for its fleets of scooters.

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