Frog to provide moped, new e-scooter, and food delivery courier services

AUSTIN. December 20, 2019. Frog, the Austin, Texas-based global micro-mobility solutions company is pleased to announce the addition of a new eco-friendly vehicle to its shared mobility fleet in early 2020. 


The Frog Moped, a new seated electric vehicle, expands accessibility to more users while offering strategic on-demand delivery service partnerships as it replaces carbon emitting vehicles and car trips with eco-friendly transportation options. 


“Frog’s goal is to constantly evolve to create the most eco-friendly transportation options to satisfy our mission to help communities Leap Forward toward a more sustainable future.” Said Christian Okonsky, Co-founder of Frog. “The Frog Moped offers users a more powerful, environmentally-friendly ride and longer vehicle range to meet the needs of an increased number of riders who are looking for a seated versus standing option for their last mile travel and beyond.”


Additionally, with the increased availability of on-demand delivery services, couriers are flooding the streets of communities worldwide using carbon emitting powered vehicles. In Frog’s European and South American markets, Frog’s Moped will provide an affordable, readily available mobility option which will allow couriers to deliver goods in a more efficient and sustainable manner. 


As many shared mobility companies struggle with profitability, Frog’s addition of the Frog Moped and Frog X10 e-scooter, which was announced last month, will allow the company to provide better unit economics for its local territory partners.  Longer rides at reduced fleet costs should become the norm, as Frog introduces these improved modes of transportation with replaceable batteries. That, coupled with an additional revenue stream through food delivery courier services, is intended to propel Frog partners towards better unit economics. 


Frog Moped will be available via the Frog iOS and Android app. There will be two types of mopeds to support local city regulations: a throttle-powered version with a range of 70 miles and a lower-powered pedal-assistant version with a range of 35 miles that works more like a traditional bike. 


The Frog electric mopeds are equipped with large-volume tires, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, lightweight custom aluminum alloy frame, hot swappable battery, adjustable cushioned seat, and a high visibility LCD display with day and night illumination. 


About Frog: As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is on a mission to help communities Leap Forward toward a sustainable future by creating a higher standard for shared micro-mobility solutions. Formed in Austin, Texas by a team with vast experience in mobility solutions, the company is committed to providing communities around the world with high quality, reliable, turnkey, modes of transportation. Custom designed and manufactured specifically to meet today’s high demand rideshare use, Frogs offer a more durable, stable and reliable ride to help locals and visitors alike commute, run errands, visit friends, and explore cities in a fun, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly way. Learn more at