Frog brings modern solution to long-standing mobility problems

AUSTIN. April, 10, 2019. Traffic. Nowhere to park. No convenient public transportation. Dangerous emissions. These are common problems in cities around the world. This current reality combined with the fact that in just thirty years, more than 60 percent of the world’s 8 billion people will live in urban areas1 brings a need to solve transportation issues today to ensure a more sustainable future. There is a disruptor in the industry shaping the future of micro-mobility not only to alleviate these transportation issues but to help save the planet in doing so. “Commute times to urban centers continue to increase, the cost of owning and operating a car continues to soar and cities are more sprawl-threatened than ever,” said Felipe Correa, COO of Frog. “Frog is here to do something about it by introducing shared micro-mobility done right.” To put into perspective the positive impact shared micro-mobility can have on communities, here is one example: if one person used a Frog to solve the first-mile/last mile stretches of his or her commute to public transportation daily for a year, that would prevent 1,200 pounds of carbon emissions.2 “The future is now, meaning we must act now to make a positive impact by rethinking transportation options,” said Correa. “Frog brings that new way of thinking with our very inexpensive, easily-accessible, reliable solution to help communities Leap Forward toward a more sustainable future.” 1United Nations Department of Academic and Social Affairs, May 2018 2Based on a 50-week, 5-day-a-week work year, and using the industry statistic: one mile of micro-mobility use instead of an automobile prevents 2.4 pounds of carbon emissions.
About Frog: As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is on a mission to help communities Leap Forward toward a sustainable future by creating a higher standard for shared micro-mobility solutions. Formed in Austin, Texas by a team with vast experience in mobility solutions, the company is committed to providing communities around the world with high quality, reliable, turnkey, modes of transportation. Custom designed and manufactured specifically to meet today’s high demand rideshare use, Frogs offer a more durable, stable and reliable ride to help locals and visitors alike commute, run errands, visit friends, and explore cities in a fun, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly way. Learn more at